Read or watch articles relating to leadership, candidate selection, unconscious biases, and D&I hiring. Most video are around ten minutes long. All articles are adapted from the book, The CEO’s Greatest Asset – The Art and Science of Landing Leaders, written by our founder, Fraser Hill.

The Unbiased History of Unconscious Bias

We have been led to believe that our unconscious biases are corrupt and cannot be changed. A whole training industry has been born out of this misled belief guided by misleading science without the complete scientific history being shared. Here we share the entire scientific history, which paints a much different story.

New Leadership Trait Research From 1700 Interviews

Fortune 500 companies often use thirty or more so-called traits to assess leaders. Are these really all traits, though? In order for us to have a fairer and more equitable leadership assessment, we need a simpler approach. This research with over 1700 leadership interviews, has the answers.

Leadership Assessment – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We often hear now, “Don’t hire for what they’ve done. Instead, hire for what they can do.” This article sheds some light on how there couldn’t be a worse idea when it comes to leadership hiring. If the critical traits of successful leaders aren’t evident in their work already, they’re not about to change.

Why D&I Hiring Is Harmed By Anonymous Resumes

In recent years software that redacts diversity indicators like gender and race have been touted as a solution to better D&I hiring, but, in fact, the opposite is true. There couldn’t be anything more damaging to diversity than not knowing who the candidates are in the first place.

Developing Leadership Intuition

Does leadership intuition exist? If it does, how do we define it? Is it useful, or is it just corrupting our decision making like our unconscious biases allegedly do? This article aims to bring some useful insights from the scientific community as it relates to intuition and leadership decision making.

Consciously Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Is the Harvard University test, the Implicit Association Test (IAT) right to be telling us all about our unconscious prejudices? Are we identifying and combating our unconscious biases the right way? This article aims to shed some light on the lesser discussed facts relating to unconscious bias.

Creativity Eats Culture For Breakfast

The brilliant Peter Druker once famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Great cultures cannot survive without great ideas and innovation, though. This article looks at the big five personality trait, openness, and how it’s linked to success in the workplace.

The Personality DNA of Leaders

What part does personality play in a successful leader’s ability to perform? The short answer is, “A huge part.” How do we even define personality, and what is the optimal balance of traits to be a successful leader? All of that, plus gender and culture, are explored in this article.

How Competency Interviews Are Failing DE&I Hiring

Competency interviews, still used by most companies, are doing nothing for the DE&I agenda. Different interviewers are asking different questions, with different agendas and biases. Competency questions are simply not fit for purpose yet are still the main interview approach. This has to change.

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