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Answer seven true or false questions to learn the truth about your leadership interviewer BIAS.

Leadership strategy, audit, and assessment advisors

You’re seven true or false questions away from learning the truth about your leadership interviewer BIAS.


We are not as different as we claim to be, but we are all unique. Understanding what is unique about us and how this translates into the optimal workplace is the focus of our work.


This starts with an interviewer and process audit of existing methods used to assess external and internal leaders.


Using our proprietary methodology and software, we help leaders make much clearer decisions on who they promote and hire.


We help identify and nurture talent and we can do this on your behalf or give you the tools and training to do it yourselves.

Image - diversity butterfly abstract

Not all diversity is as nature intended

Competency behavioral interviews and psychometric tests, still used by most Fortune 500 companies, are not fit for purpose. Our assessment methodology offers much richer insights delivered by us or your trained team.

300 pages of independent leadership research

Eight years and 1727 leadership interviews resulted in this book written by our founder, Fraser Hill. With over 100 referenced scientific papers, this is 300 pages of the most comprehensive leadership assessment research that exists. It exposes the Leadership Assessment Fallacy along with proposing a new leadership model and assessment methodology.


We focus on leadership and talent transformation with insightful research into organizational effectiveness.

DE&I Process Audits to Accelerate Change – New Research

Based on 300 pages of new research, this article outlines one of the many reasons why DE&I efforts are failing and what to do about it. In particular, it explores the failings of processes relating to hiring and succession planning as well as proposing new solutions.

Psychometric Tests – Pinning The Donkey On The Tail

Companies continue to believe there’s some magical way to peek beyond the curtains of one’s psyche to discover traits that will provide infinite wisdom to the decision makers in leadership hiring. If only it were that simple.

The Unbiased History of Unconscious Bias

We have been led to believe that our unconscious biases are corrupt and cannot be changed. A whole training industry has been born out of this misled belief guided by misleading science without the complete scientific history being shared. Here we share the entire scientific history, which paints a much different story.

The Leadership Assessment Fallacy

Leadership hiring at all companies appears to work just fine. Great leaders are still being hired into companies, and they go on to do well no matter how good or bad the interview process and psychometric tests are. Isn’t that interesting?

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